Your New House, Humidity and Mold

Summer Time Backyard FunSummer will be here very soon. For many, it conjures up visions of relaxing on a deck with a nice cool drink in hand or perhaps a great family day at the beach. Unfortunately, with all the great times that summer has to offer, along with it comes humidity and that typically means the growth of mold somewhere in your home, if left unchecked.

Fortunately, with a little foresight and incorporation of some good habits, homeowners can stay on top of mold growth and prevent it from eventually causing potentially serious damage to their home. For those with a basement, a dehumidifier is basically a must for the summer months. Dehumidifiers are relatively inexpensive and they do not use a significant amount of electricity. Many models offer a hose that can drain water right into a sump crock. Most also have timers which will allow one to run a dehumidifier for a certain number of hours before shutting off automatically.

Home improvement stores also sell gauges that display the temperature and humidity of a room. Using a humidity gauge is a great way to determine if the dehumidifier is operating enough to keep the humidity around 50%, or if should run more frequently.

Bathrooms, laundry areas and even kitchen sinks and dishwashers are notorious for increasing the humidity levels in a home. Especially for bathroom and laundry areas, if they do not already have ventilation fans, install them or if that is not feasible, buy a window fan or a portable fan and encourage family members to use them every time they shower or wash clothing. Even leaving a window open a crack while showering or washing dishes will help to dispel humidity and allow air to circulate.

Consistency is the key to keeping mold growth to a minimum or eliminating it altogether. When family members get into the habit of monitoring the humidity levels and using fans or opening windows, the likelihood of mold damage will decrease. By using a little forethought to remove humidity and increase air circulation in the home, homeowners can avoid summertime mold growth.