Warranty Tips for Newly Constructed Custom Homes

Another Custom Home SOLD by Modern Homes, Inc.Moving into a brand new house is an exciting experience. Everything in a new home is so appealing and new, it’s hard to imagine that a little wear and tear will eventually makes its way across the threshold of your beautiful new home. Fortunately, one way or another, virtually everything in a new home is covered by a warranty either from the builder or from the manufacturer of the various products used to build your new home.

Most home builders will offer at least a one year warranty on all workmanship they performed throughout the house. Although reputable builders will try very hard to avoid mistakes, on occasion an issue may crop up as a family truly begins to live in and actually use all the new components of their home. Throughout the warranty period, new homeowners should make a list of any issues that need to be addressed. They should also contact their builder before the builder’s warranty runs out in order to address and resolves these issues.

When You Move into your New Custom Home

When a new homeowner first moves in, they may also come across a large stack of owner’s manuals and warranty materials the builder left for the new homeowner’s use. Although some people may be tempted to throw these materials in the trash because they “never read owner’s manuals”, these materials contain important information regarding the warranties and operation of all the new products in the home. New homeowners should store all these materials in a safe place as they may need to refer to them years later. Sometimes one may find even 5 or 10 years down the road, a costly replacement or repair for an item in their home is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Building a new home is a thrilling experience, yet it is also a big financial investment. Wise homeowners will take advantage of all the warranties provided to them in order to protect their new dwelling.