Bathroom Lighting

Generally, bathrooms have task lighting, little or no attention is usually given to ambient and/or accent lighting. Task lights serve the purpose providing sufficient light, they usually do nothing to make a visit enjoyable. But, the right lighting can offer comfort and relaxation. The following are a few tips to help lighten up a bathroom. Standard Bathroom Lights: Natural lighting is the rule of thumb for bathroom lighting, windows are the best in offering natural light. Recessed lighting provides great light coverage and gives a clean look, or opt for a small chandelier or ceiling light for more task lighting. It is recommended to use 75 to 100 watts of illumination for task lighting, but add dimmers to help adjust lighting throughout the day. Mirror Lighting: Luminaries, up to 75 watts, should be mounted on each side of a mirror. Most people make the mistake of installing lighting above the mirror, this causes shadows. Think about installing lighting in a shower area if your shower glass in textured or tainted. Ambient Lighting: Ambient lights are generally installed around the perimeter of the space, especially if fixtures are hidden. Pendant fixtures with translucent shades are great ideas to offer ambient light and decorate the walls. Accent and Decorative Lighting:Decorative, accent lighting helps add sparkle to a bathroom. Adding the right hues of accent, decorative lighting can add some warmth to a bathroom. If there are no plans to remodel a bathroom, place a lamp on a table, or vanity if space allows. Most people enjoy the stolen moments in a bathroom, whether to soak in a hot tub of bubbles during the winter season or a cold shower in the summertime, the right ambiance and atmosphere can help to de-stress and relax.