Season Porches

Here are some ideas for keeping your porch or enclosed patio visitor friendly and comfortable no what the season. Use window screens: no matter what the season is keep your enclosed patio or porch free from bugs with screens. Window screens keep the bugs and insects our while still allowing for a nice evening breeze to flow through. Install window coverings: window covering are an excellent way to control sunlight during the day. Even in the winter, the sun creates glares that may be unwelcome at a relaxing moment on your porch. Whether the choice is curtains or shutters, you will be adding privacy to your area if needed. Implement insulation within the ceiling: ceiling insulation guarantees that the area will not only remain comfortable, but energy efficient. Insulation ensures the porch remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This will help cut down on energy costs that might be acquired by using fans, heaters, or other temperature control methods. Install electric radiant hear flooring: if your porch or patio is on concrete, get creative with the electric heat flooring. Porch/patio floors are nice and toasty warm from the heated wires set within the concrete. This is perfect for areas that are mostly cold be frequently used. Utilize dual-glazed or dual-panned windows: do you have nice, beautiful furniture on your patio you don’t want ruined? These type of windows protect against the ultraviolet rays that cause damage to furniture. So, keep your porch or patios furniture looking new, comfortable, and inviting by    providing protection form the harsh sun effects..