How to Care for Hardwood Floors

Time, Stains, Spills, and Traffic will take their toll on hardwood floors.  The correct maintenance will ensure it remains beautiful and a timeless element in your home.


Manufacturers of pre-finished hardwood floors recommend their specific products for the best care.  Floors with a polyurethane finish should never be waxed and require cleaners that won’t leave a film or residue.  If occasional scuffs occur use a hardwood floor cleaner and lightly rub the stained area.  Sticky spots can be cleaned with a damp towel.  Ammonia cleaners or oil soaps are not recommended because they will dull the finish.  These products will also affect the ability to refinish your floor later.

Sweeping and Mopping

Sweep your floor regularly using a quality broom.  A vacuum cleaner without a bar can be used in hard to reach areas.  Once the dirt and dust is gone you can begin mopping.

For “finish in place” hardwood floors or unfinished hardwood, use a terrycloth mop to make it easier to clean around corners and along baseboards.  You can spray a professional wood floor cleaner  to remove tough stains without dulling your finish.  Never wet-mop or use an excessive amount of water to clean your floor.  Excessive amounts of water will cause the wood to swell and may cause your wood to crack.  Hardwood will expand and contract due to moisture level changes.  It is very important to keep the moisture level in your home at the proper place during the different seasons to control this same issue.  A humidifier is very important to run in the winter months and air conditioning in the summer months to control the levels of humidity in your home.  Also, if spills occur be sure to wipe them up immedialtly.

We hope these tips help in keeping your hardwood floors beautiful for many years.  If you are interested in adding hardwood floors please contact Modern Homes Builders and Remodelers located in Lake Villa at 847.356.8886.