Things to Think of When Remodeling an Older Home!

There are a lot of things to considering when you are remodeling an older home. Some areas of you home might offer superb quality and craftsmanship that deserve to be restored rather than remodeled or replaced.

Trim – Molding and baseboards and even casing an important element that often offer intricate detail. Consider striping and staining the trim, or paint it a color to help it “pop” away from the wall and add visual appeal.

Entry and staircase have been a focal point in homes for years. most older staircases have quality craftsmanship with hand turned post and cut treads and risers. A restored staircase can offer irreplaceable appeal.

Hardwood Floors are a common staple in home and even the most beaten up floors can be restored by a professional.

Although replacement windows are a great idea for energy efficient. It is possible some careful weatherstripping and sealing your windows can improve the efficiency of your window. If replacement is necessary ensure you pick windows that will fit the character of your home.

If you are plaster walls and ceiling in your old house, keep then if you can. They offer character, as well as soundproofing modern drywall cannot.

Careful examine your doors for you home and you may not need to replace them. With some elbow grease and time you may be able to strip away the paint that have covered them for years and be able to restore them to be once again beautiful doors.