Design Ideas for Kitchens

KitchenFive Ideas to consider when remodeling your Kitchen

Typically when planning a kitchen remodel, todays homeowners want to have style as well as function. Here is five things to think of when considering your new layout.

1. Combing the Kitchen with the dining room and living room.

The kitchen has evolved into the main living space and combing them allows a more open usable space. If this is not all structurally feasible you may try to allow for dining and comfortable seating.

2. Let the light in

A great way to make a warm and comfortable kitchen is to allow more natrual light. This can be done by enlarging a window or adding a door. This also allows a closer connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

3. Design your cabinetry to resemble furniture

With the kitchen serving multiple purposes which includes entertaining guest it is popular to design your cabinets to more resemble furniture with elements such as moldings, feet bottoms and legs. Adding legs or feet to an island gives it an appearance to resemble a table. Another idea to add storage is to create a standalone cabinet that resembles an armoire.

4. Make the design functional

A kitchen should be as functional as it is beautiful. Creating a well designed work space and storage are essential to an uncluttered, efficient kitchen. A good idea to ensure that everything is designed properly for the way you use you own kitchen is to create a list of the items you normally use and ensure this is a designated area for them.

5. Include a space for everyday items

Kitchen serve as multi purpose in todays households includes as a place to organize personal items including mail, keys, calendars and more. Also to consider is a place for your chargers, small TV, computer or electronics.