Granite vs. Quartz

The most popular tops right now in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin seem to be Quartz and Granite. What are the differences of the two?

Granite is a natural porous igneous rock containing mostly quartz and feldspar. Slabs are quarried from the earth. It can be polished to a glossy shine or honed to a matte finish. It is known for its variation in pattern and color.

The pros of granite are unique color and patterns,it is heat and scratch resistant and will add value to your home. The cons are that it is cold to the touch and needs to be sealed periodically.  They do make a 15 year sealer that is often used.

Quartz is non -porous so it resists stains better that granite,marble and concrete. It will not harbor bacteria or viruses. Quartz is a man made stone surface. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.

The pros of quartz are stain resistant,durable, and non-porous,so no sealing required-ever. The cons-Quartz has less natural beauty and can look manufactured. It is also heat sensitive. It is also a bit more expensive than granite.