Money Saving Tips for Homeowners with a Newly Built House

New Custom HomeCongratulations! You are purchasing a brand new house! It is exciting to be the first people to move into the newly built home. Once you unpack and settle in you can begin to create memories. Consider the following tips to save money while you enjoy your new home for years to come!

Set the Hot Water Heater Temperature

Check the setting on your hot water heater. Ideally it should be set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Typical homeowners do not need water hotter than 120 degrees and if the water is hotter it could scald you or any children in your home. If the hot water heater is set to a higher temperature energy will be needed to keep the water at the hotter temperature which isn’t efficient. Setting it at 120 degree will save you money by reducing the amount of energy you use.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Check to see if your new home came with a programmable thermostat. If not, install one. This will allow you to automatically set the temperature of your home throughout the day. When people won’t be home you can set it so the heat or air conditioning does not come on. In addition, many people like to have the house at a lower temperature at night. By having this automatically scheduled by the programmable thermostat you will save money on your utility bill.

Avoid Blocking Vents

When you are arranging the furniture in your new home be sure not to block the vents. Don’t put a couch or bed over a vent for example. By leaving the vents unobstructed you will allow the air to flow properly in the room improving the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems.

Plant Trees

Planting trees near your home can actually save you money in the long-term. A leafy shade tree will reduce the amount of sunlight that hits your home allowing it to stay cooler in the summer. This will reduce your need to run the air conditioner. In the winter the tree will no longer have leaves so the sun will be able to warm up the house. In addition, trees can block the wind.

The above tips will save you money as you enjoy your new home! They are simple and effective.