Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Skylights have always been a great addition to a home to allow more light into rooms that dont have alot of light, the downfall being the sometimes long tunnels.  Then came along the reflective tunnel skylight which they are great for adding light into a bath room, laundry room or other room you can’t install a normal skylight.  The room has a round cover on the ceiling and then a small dome on the roof.  The downfall was you would typically not want the dome on the front of a home for appearance.  Now comes Velux with their introduction a new sun tunnel with the same great interior appearanceand still allow natural light in an interior room but no dome on the outside, it can now look like a skylight!

Now the options are endless.  Want a simply skylight, maybe a 2’x2′ or 2’x4′.  You can go big with a 4’x4′ or get into venting or shaded skylights too.  When you don’t want the long ceiling tunnel you can go to a sun tunnel.  Dependant on your choice and options, tax credit may be eligible.

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