Energy Savings by Insulating Air Leaks

A homes average air leaks are equal to that lost through an open window. With gas and electrical cost continuing to increase it has became crucially important to save energy by reducing air leaks in your home.

An obvious choice in this is to add insulation to your home. This is typically done in the home’s attic and can also be added to the walls of your home. Insulating an unconditioned spaces such as crawlspaces is also a great way to add efficiency to your home. When making these types of insulation modification it is crucial to ensure the venting it proper to avoid moisture issues in the future.

Sealing the home from the exterior elements is a great way to increase efficiency of your home. Detecting and sealing leaks around windows, doors, outlets etc can improve efficiency with the proper weatherization procedures. One way to find areas that may be a significant heat loss you can check for a drafts on a cold windy day. Repair these items usually will include to add weather stripping, caulking, etc. yet it all needs to be done properly to ensure the maximum benefit and that no damage is done to the windows, doors or home.

A significant difference is possible if properly done with all the necessary steps as well as all at a reasonable cost. Other options would be re-side your home with siding and a building wrap or possible installing insulated siding. As an alternate insulated foam board can be installed on your home prior to the siding. New Energy Star Windows and Door with upgraded glass packages can also be a feasible options with substantial improvements in energy efficiency and air lose.

For any questions on weatherzation options for your home, Contact Modern Homes, Inc.

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