Tips for Deciding When to Replace Windows

Tips for Deciding When to Replace Windows

Are you looking for tips to help evaluate the effectiveness of your windows and doors in a home, or a home your looking to purchase? Consider some of there for starters:

You can determine how many panes of glass are in the windows.  Single-paned windows are the least energy efficient. You can replace them with double- or triple-paned Energy Start compliant windows to enhance energy efficiency and make a home more comfortable during all seasons.
Look for condensation inside the glass on double- or triple-glazed windows. This could indicate seal failure or an inefficient window.
Do your windows open and close easily? If your windows are hard to open or close—or they won’t stay open or locked—this could be a sign that the windows need replacing.
Have someone stand outside your window. With a small flashlight, stand inside and “travel” around the window’s perimeter. If the person outside sees areas of light coming through, this is an indication of seal failure—and probably energy loss.
Does it seems especially noisy in your house? Do you live near a busy street? You can  consider replacing your windows with laminated glass windows to help reduce noise transmission.
Did your neighbors just build a new home that’s too close to your bathroom? For added privacy, request decorative obscure glass in your windows. This will allow light to flow into the home, but will keep your privacy!

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