Foam Insulation

When someone says “Green” or “Energy Star” there are a lot of things that most people think. Many are not sure exactly what it all means but most want to lower their energy cost/usage. When someone refers to insulation most think of the traditional insulation methods of batt insulation or blown in insulation for your attic.

Batt insulation can be effective when installed correctly with proper caulking. A typical 2×4 wall can achieve an R-13 or R-15. Most attics are blown in to achieve an R-38 or R-50.

The most common energy efficient methods today would be a sprayed in foam insulation. There are a few options for this, the first being a Closed Cell Foam. This adds rigidity to a wall and ensures all gaps and crevices of walls including around outlets etc. are completely sealed. Closed Cell Foam is typically installed 3″ thick in a 2×4 wall achieving an R value of R-18.6. Open cell is also a popular method due to cost savings and will achieve an R value of R-12.6. Even with slightly less R value than a batt it still adds significant energy efficiency due to the sealing of all gap a creating an air tight home.

Another popular method is to add an inch of closed cell foam and then installing the balance of the cavity with blown in fiberglass insulation. This option provides the air-tight seal at a more reasonable cost.

Spray foam’s ability to create an air-tight seal for your home is the most important factor in creating an energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy home.

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