Water Heaters: Tank or Tankless?

waterheaterAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, water heaters consume 14% to 25% of a home annual energy use. For most consumers water heater replacement decisions are not an easy because of cost and a wide range of efficiency choices offered. There is also a tax credit if certain requirements are met for your new water heater, which could be tank or tankless.

The standard tank water heater is going to be the least expensive water heater and most everyone wants a bargain. Tank water heaters can come in ranges from 30 gallons to 120 gallons. Properly sized they can provided plenty of hot water for even a large family, but with too small of a tank will cause your hot water to be quickly depleted, leaving you with warm or even worse cold water. The largest downfall of a tank heater would be the standby heat loss, which is because the heater is also keeping the water heated weather you are using it or not. Also with a tank water heater, the water heater will cost you more over the life of the unit.

Tankless water heater is going to offer an endless amount of hot water. This type does this by eliminating the standby heat loss but does have a few draw backs of its own. It is key to properly size the tankless water heater to your homes use because if not properly sized you can test a tankless heater’s capacity. The incoming water temperature will affect the output and needs to be considered to properly size a unit. A tankless heater works in the manner that the water is heated instantly as it passes through the unit, which eliminates the need for a tank and offer endless hot water. The largest con to a tankless water heater is cost. The initial cost of a tankless is greater than tank models, although the life cycle cost is lower on tankless units.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a water heater. Lower upfront cost or lower long term cost? What size tank or tankless unit? Contact Modern Homes, Inc. for any questions or to have our plumbing specialist review what may be best for you.