10 Tips to Smart Storage in the Kitchen

1. Slip hand-written recipes in hard-plastic CD cases for easy access or plastic pockets in three ring binders.

2. Keep bread in an airtight bread drawer below the counter.

3. Use a small lazy Susan inside your cabinet to store spices and easy access.

4. Keep coffee mugs on a mug-holder tree displayed on the counter to allow more space instead of cabinets.

5. Put a grocery-bag storage system inside the door of the cabinet below the sink to keep them organized.

6. Don’t let coupons clutter your space.  Cut them out and keep them organized by category in a booklet or organizer.

7. Use a permanent marker to label lids and bases of plastic storage containers with corresponding numbers.

8. Organize pantry condiments into removable baskets according to meal use.

9. Store items in hard to reach places that are not used very often.

10. Install a paper towel holder to hang below a cabinet to allow for more space on the countertop.