Feeling the winter chill?

The cold months in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin are here. Is it not just cold outside but cold inside too? Making you not to want to leave the warmth of your cozy blanket.

The plus to this all is that you can get rid of the drafts and lower your heating bill. These upgrade will easily pay for them selves. There are options like solar, wind or even geo-thermal, and other leading technologies. Are these worth while?? Well they all need to be looked at dependent on home location and specific circumstances. Typically I would recommend to first focus on the shell of the home. The less energy that a home needs, is the less energy that there is to be saved.

First start with the shell of your home, which can include air sealing, insulation, windows, siding etc. Attic insulation and properly installed Energy Star windows are two of the easiest ways to increase efficiency. Air sealing is very important and even more important on older homes. Siding and sheathing the home with foam board can also help your insulating value and air infiltration to your home.

Once the shell of the home is preforming the way it should your mechnical needs can dramatically change. Then one can determine the proper mechanical needs for your home.

As additional incentive to increase the efficiency of your home, many of these options have tax credits right now too. If your liking the idea of the savings on your electical and gas bill, and getting some tax credits, contact us to find out what options may be right for your home.